San Joaquin County Arrest Records Lookup

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There are plenty of resources when searching for arrest records. Public search sites offer search services and databases of listings online. And most if these information are free of charge. For more accurate and updated information however, San Joaquin County Sheriff?s office is the best place to visit, especially if the searcher would like to request for a copy of a San Joaquin County Arrest Records.

The Records Division of the San Joaquin County Sheriff?s Office is the central processing unit for all criminal, arrest, and custody records in the county. It is responsible for the receiving, maintenance and processing, and of releasing of reports to the public and to other law enforcement agencies. The Sheriff?s Office has a website which provides information on how to make a request.

Arrest records are considered public information. California arrest records and all other arrest records of the counties within it are readily available for request, either online, or in the law enforcement agency in possession of them. The California Public Records Act requires the state to make all public records available for inspection to the members of the public.

To make a request, the requestor must fill out a request form and submit it to the Office in person or by regular mail, email, or fax. The average fee for a report is 10 USD, but the additional fees may be collected depending on the size of the report requested. The requestor must remember to bring proper identification when filing for a request or when claiming reports. Although public records are available for the members of the public, some may be withheld from release. Information that may invade privacy, or those that are involved in a sensitive investigation for example may be exempt from release, and may be redacted from an existing report before release.

Arrest records do not mean that the persons involved are guilty of the crimes they are accused of, although criminal records are also available at the Sheriff?s Office. Warrants, and other information about those in custody such as charges, bail, court date, arresting agency, the date arrested, where he/ she is housed, and tentative released date are also all available at the Office. For inmate information and updates, an online search portal is available for this type of search in the Office?s website. For recent jail bookings, a booking log is available also at the website.

For a quick search, one may check the San Joaquin County Sheriff?s website by itself. The website in itself may provide enough information without the need to visit the Office. The general public will have access to the sheriff?s activities by clicking on the Sheriff?s Activity Log and the San Joaquin County Arrest Log. The Sheriff?s log contains the daily activities of the department as well as a brief summary of the calls or reports the agency received. A searcher may also check custody listings by clicking the Who?s in Custody link. Individuals that are currently in custody or are due for a court appearance in the county will appear here.