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Our first vacation in Flathead Lake Montana would be a trip with our small children to Yellowstone Park. The raw nature we witnessed and experienced together brought an amazement beyond the thrills of man-made beauty I've come across in big cities. Buffalo, moose and elk grazing, bubbling pots of hot pools, geysers spraying fountains of warm water and steam above tree tops causing you to wonder to start with site where this tremendous power comes from, giving rise on the urge to avoid and witness the cause of the natural wonder.

Then there are the winters in Montana, when us planned to try snowmobiling at Yellowstone Park and explore the path system away from park leading up mountains in the early morning through snow-packed trees that stand like popsicles, only these aren't man-made sculptures but created by the raw forces of wind and snow that reveal the work of God's hand. Snowmobiling in West Yellowstone was obviously a Montana vacation that continued to get us retrace the years, never growing tired of the adventure.

As our children grew older we tried something new, a visit to Northwest Montana. It began as we travelled with the Mission Valley where Jesuits caused local Indians to found a mission in St Ignatius in 1854. I still can remember the Mission Mountains rising majestically to the east over the Mission Valley of Montana forming a great border to border this remarkable landscape. My heart was inspired from the wonder of God's creation. Only then do we drove north through Polson and started a vacation along Flathead Lake, the biggest freshwater lake in the Western Usa.

Once we finally reached Glacier Park, the view of mountain landscapes far exceeded anything I had created experienced, during Yellowstone Park. The walls of mountains in Glacier Park are arranged like a rock garden with summer flowers adorning their beautiful slopes. The Going-To-The-Sun Road is not a fast highway, but instead a mountain road that you simply spend some time on since it winds through mountain passages with breathtaking scenes around every turn.

You will find more information on Glacier Park and Waterton Glacier International Peace Park at the special website having an interactive map and articles published by locals describing the initial attractions and history of Glacier Park in Northwest Montana. The particular site describes how locals feel about this park and area, "Crown in the Continent." You can also find straight answers on celebrating the 100th anniversary of Glacier Park this season. The name of the site if "Glacier Centennial 2010." Search for your names from the sites to locate them.