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Picture the scene. You will find there's table seeking tea with white linen, flowers, fine bone china, silver cutlery and, of course, a mouth-watering selection of dainty sandwiches and cakes. Elegant and timeless, a tea party is as perfect a means to entertain today as is was in centuries past. However, contemporary vintage style tea parties tend to be less formal and considerably more fun than their period counterparts.

It's vintage style, not placed in aspic Even though the current fascination with everything vintage doesn't have any doubt been fuelled by costume dramas such as Downton Abbey and Great Expectations, you won't get complaints in case your vintage tea party mixes Edwardian cutlery with Victorian china, or introduces non-authentic vintage-style accessories. A vintage tea event should evoke the style of a bygone age, rather than slavishly wanting to recreate its every piece of information. Bloater paste sandwiches and seed cake are making method for canapes and cup cakes inside the brave " new world " from the vintage tea party.

Tea for 2, or 200 Whether you're organising a conference a deux to get a wedding anniversary, a christening party to get a dozen or so friends, or a charity event for hundreds, a classic tea party is simply the ticket. The tea party by which all the others are often judged is the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, when 8,000 guests consume 27,000 servings of tea, 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake. However, your event should be organised to mirror the formality in the occasion, your style and also the age and interests of one's guests. Should you be inviting families with children, then outdoor games for example croquet or skittles can keep everyone amused through the party, whereas a corporate event might demand a formal tea having a classical string quartet playing in the shadows. To include some sparkle on the occasion, have you thought to dispense with tea and serve cocktails instead. What could be more decadent than drinking champagne cocktails from fine bone china cups?

DIY vintage events Issues an imaginative streak and lots of time, styling your individual vintage tea party can be thrilling. Beg, borrow or steal vintage china and cutlery from your friends, or purchase them from antique shops or auctions. Augment your trophies with vintage style accessories, including bunting, tea light holders and flower containers. For the best effect, attempt to theme your event by colour, pattern or period. This may guarantee the styling of one's event is coherent and offers the required 'wow' factor to your guests. But, should you be worried your own styling efforts might look like the remnants of a white elephant stall, you need to contact the expertise of an expert vintage stylist.

Vintage styling specialists Progressively more organizations are offering not only vintage china hire, but complete styling and catering services for vintage tea events. The top companies own large stocks of vintage china and accessories, enabling the crooks to match any theme you select for any amount of guests. It could be a pink theme for the charity event, botanical for the affiliate marketing or Edwardian to get a Suffragette centenary tea party. Find the appropriate vintage specialist and they can organise every facets of your tea event, in the styling and also the providing the flowers and table settings. The only thing you will need to do is go with a venue, invite your invited guests plus your High Tea packages Sydney will appear as though by magic before your eyes.