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Drake, born Aubrey Drake Graham is really a multi top rated multi platinum recording artist and actor. He first found fame as a possible actor inside the television programme "Degrassi: The subsequent Generation". However it is being a recording artist with a flair for fusing Hiphop and R&B music that Drake is actually beginning to make his mark. Drake songs and classic Drake videos such as "Best I Ever Had" and "Forever" featuring Hip hop superstars Eminem, Kanye and Weezy happen to be played in constant rotation on MTV and its particular associated networks making Drakes music videos some of the most newsworthy among 2009-2010.

Drake's hit song "Best I Ever Had" is labelled by Billboard since the hottest rap record of the year. The recording was directed by rap superstar Kanye West and was shot in Brooklyn Ny.

After releasing a combination tape entitled "So Far Gone" which featured tracks for example "Best I ever Had", it secured 2,000 downloads in 2 hours to be offered. Drake was the main topic of a fierce bidding war amongst most of the big record labels who were all wanting to secure his services. Eventually after much deliberation he signed with Cash Money Records the place to find fellow Hiphop artists Weezy, Birdman etc. Nominations and success quickly followed as Drake music video for "Best I Ever Had" was nominated for "Best New Video for any New Artist" by MTV. Watch out for Drake's hit song "Forever", that the video was directed by superstar music video director Hype Williams was shot in Miami Florida and has every one of the aforementioned rap superstars Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. Lebron almost produces a guest appearance at the beginning.

The initial official album entitled "Thank Me Later" with a few of the greatest Drake songs, was launched this year. It included the already popular hits "Best I Ever Had" and "Forever" plus much more amazing hit Drake videos. The very first single is entitled "Over". You can also learn more Drake music and examine more videos by checking out his collaborations with Hiphop artist Birdman about the tracks "Money To Blow" and "4 My Town". Also his two collaborations with Trey Songz "Replacement Girl" and "Successful" had excellent Drake music videos too. Drake's hit song "Replacement Girl" featuring Trey Songz has a video directed by Sterling who made Drake the very first unsigned Canadian artist to have videos featured on BET.

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