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Impotence endanger the patient's family relationships and Sex pills for men personal health, bring greater suffering to the patient, cause people can not have a good sex life, affecting the feelings between husband and wife promotion. wholesale china viagra viagra chinese manufacturers while Viagra improves erectile strength and hardness, improve erectile dysfunction due to shortened time of intercourse.

Impotence treatment: viagra cialis levitra ed drugs, how is the price of Viagra ?

Genuine Viagra R & D investment is large, so expensive investment decide Viagra market price, but the price can not decide a drug is good or bad, still have to see results and effects.

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Speaking of "Viagra", most people will immediately think of a small patch of blue pills,this little blue pill, bringing numerous happiness for patients with erectile dysfunction,Flirt hearts of many people is impressive.

Life there are many male patients in order to have a good sex life, will go to pharmacies to buy Viagra help them improve the way of sexual life.

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Viagra Dosage:

For most patients,taking in about one hour before sexual activity ; but any time before sexual activity within 0.5 to 4 hours can be taken. Based on efficacy and tolerability, the dose can be increased to viagra 100mg or reduce 25 mg . Multiple doses of 1 day is one time.

In elderly patients: elderly healthy volunteers Viagra clearance decreased. Higher plasma concentration, may also increase the incidence of adverse events, so the starting dose of 25 mg is appropriate.

Reminder: Viagra after eating, after half an hour there is a general effect, not to say the natural erection, erection requires sexual stimulation, opinions and suggestions: more than 30 minutes, the absorption time everyone is different.

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