Addicted to Reiki Attunements

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Some people have a tendency to turn out to be addicted to Reiki attunements and I have occur throughout a lot more than several of them in just the previous two months. These people think if they can get the up coming stage attunement, their life will boost, they will grow to be a far more powerful practitioner, they're going to be greater in a position to deal with specified conditions, and so on. I know fist hand how this is due to the fact I used to be addicted to attunements, myself.When I 1st received included with Reiki I felt a need to grow to be attuned to the optimum amounts of every design I could manage. I considered that the next attunement would make my Reiki more powerful and efficient and this direct me on a never ever ending chase for the next attunement. After getting seven attunements to different types of Reiki, I nonetheless was not satisfied. It was at this stage that I recognized I had turn into addicted to attunements and I was hunting to them to make me a far more powerful practitioner...but it was not functioning.

With some inward reflection, I saw that it was not far more attunements that would make me a greater practitioner it was, alternatively, clearing absent my limiting beliefs, unfavorable feelings and emotional blocks that would allow me to have clearer accessibility to the Reiki vitality. Now, I know that a lot of manuals instruct that this is specifically what an attunement does for us and I don't dispute that but reiki without attunement following so numerous attunements over a period of time of a littler above a year, I nevertheless was not looking at the alterations I was searching for. For that reason, I took it upon myself to actively function with these troubles.I wrote down all the limiting beliefs I knew I experienced, all the emotional damage from my past and my fears for the current and future and started doing work with them. Right after a couple of months of clearing absent these limitations, I located I was better able to help myself, my family members and my clientele. Last but not least, I was seeing the results I had wished for so extended. Then probably the most essential revelation arrived...if I had just totally employed the Usui Reiki and applied it to the appropriate regions of my daily life I would not have essential all individuals other attunements. However I will not regret the other attunements and I don't regret understanding as significantly as I did, I do realize that it did not support me obtain my final goal. This just isn't to say it is a poor notion to department out and learn anything far more than what you were originally taught but my impression is that if your purpose is to grow to be a far better practitioner (and you've absent as significantly as you can in a certain design such as Usui), chasing attunements isn't really the way to get there. Alternatively, go inside and uncover out what is blocking you in your daily life and use what you previously have to help clear it away.