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Cummins Industrial Tools 5 Speed - Bench Top Drill Press
The Cummins 5 rate is important thave in every workshop. This has 5 quick-change rate settings. The device includes a long quill for mortising. Its drilling level is adjustable, stopping the quill positively. Cummins bench top drill presses have a variable dining table that tilts left and right, for an drilling operation that is angled.

Technical Details:

½ in. drill chuck
Press height: 22 ½ inches
Quill travel - 50 millimeter
Solid 11 in. x 7 in. base
1/2 Horsepower
Power: 60 Hz ,120 V, 2.4 amperes
Dining table size 6 3/8 in. x 6 3/8 in.
Nload speed 760-3070 rpm
3 prong plug
UL listed
Other known brands of drill presses include the following:

Fisch Precision Tools
Grizzly, etc

Featured above the top-selling contemporary drilling tools. Think about the versatiliy associated with tool you are looking tbuy.To be aware of benchtop drill press parts and cheap benchtop drill press, go to the website bench top drill press stand (Highly recommended Web-site).
You ought to constantly look for a pillar press that comes with accessories. Most drill presses include clamps and fences among the list of accessories that are many. Clamps is there tsecure firmly the bits of metal or wood you are taking care of. Fences exist tprevent the pieces you're taking care of from moving tomuch from the work area.

Overall, when buying a drill press be sure task for add-ons tenhance your working experience.

The drill press is a should have device in your workshop if you are working on things like wood or metal. If you're looking for accuracy in your task, always take them intconsideration.

Having a drill press around your home for instances when you need tbore spaced holes or holes of accurate depths in wood or rock, and should definitely be among your number of house tools. This versatile device, along with its different accessories and bits, can serve a number of purposes and will also increase up as being a mortise device or perhaps a spindle sander. Whenever looking out for a drill press for sale, consider a few guidelines that may help you make the choice that is right invest in a unit that will truly dthe job.

Select The Right Model

You can find twbasic model variations of drill presses - the bench top while the floor model. Because the true name implies, the bench top model mounts on ta workbench or for a stand. They have been instead compact and tend to be ideal for tiny jobs.